Endless List of Favorite Characters:

Snake [Kuroshitsuji]

“It’s lonely being by yourself…”

Gray-sama Forgive me !

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some Karasuno Icons i made today for friends <3!

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FREE! Iternal Summer 

Matsuoka Rin the Cop x Nanase Haruka the Merman

new fanart for my otp ~ I even debated myself if i should do haru’s pink bud or not but i know Rinrin would love to see them too so its a must. *squeals*

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I z u m i  S e n a | Love stage!! episode 1

„I could never perform in front of people. I’m horrible at that stuff. And I have my own dreams, too. I want to become a manga arstist like Saotome Miyabi, the author of Lala-Lulu!

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armin in episode 18

lots of dramatic hair flips

30 Day Haikyuu!! Challenge!  Day Nine: Your favourite setter (S)
↪ Kageyama Tobio, the Idiot King
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